Our work

Our work

LCOHP group audit

LCOHP undertakes group audits on issues of regional concern.

Two audits of note completed by the group include  an audit of implementation national standards for TB screening and  an immunity screening and immunisation at New Entrant to the Trust.  25 OH services participated in these audits.

These audits have been presented as posters at the Society of Occupational Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in 2013 and 2014.

An audit of implementation of Exposure Prone Procedure standards in new healthcare workers is in progress.

The current LCOHP audit convenor is Zahra Alexander. She works with Dr Ali Hashtroudi on the audit projects. 

LCOHP audit tool library

The LCOHP audit tool library is in development and will be accessed through the Members area.

These audit tools have been developed by LCOHP members and are available to share amongst the membership

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We work with

  •  MOHAWK, the Health at Work quality indicator system
  •  We have worked with HDWU ( Health and Work Development Unit) of the Royal College of Physicians, who have attended LCOHP meetings to present their results and gain grass roots feedback.

Other regions in England have used LCOHP audit tools to support similar audits in their areas such as, North East audit group and Trent Health at Work Network group.

LCOHP comments on consultations

LCOHP will provide representation and input to national consultations on issues which affect our members. Consultations LCOHP have contributed to in the past include; FOM Occupational Health standards (SEQOHS); Clinical Indicators pilot programme in 2011;   HSE Sharps Directive 2012.

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