Why Join us?

Why Join us?

We are a multidisciplinary group of occupational health practitioners working in or providing services to the NHS. Our members are the NHS Occupational Health Services who pay an annual membership fee which entitles them to send delegates (members of their department/team) to our EducationDays. We also have a small number of independent members.

Each meeting combines a mix of education, discussion, professional updates and audit. Everyone has the opportunity to influence topics and subjects and input from our members is strongly encouraged.

Members benefit from a shared knowledge by either attending the quarterly meetings or by visiting the member's area of our website and using our Question and Answer forum.

Our meetings are attended by Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and other professionals from the expanding field of occupational health. We welcome members from any background involved in the health and wellbeing of NHS staff. 

Our membership fees are:

   2015  2016 2019  2020
single practitioner £40 £40 £40 £40
2-5 clinical staff £100 £150 £150 £150
6-15 clinical staff £150 £225 £225 £225
16+ clinical staff £200 £300 £300 £300



So, why join LCOHP?

Some of the reasons why it would be a good idea to join

  • Opportunity to attend 3 Education Days per year. Our Education Days are innovative and informative and provide a rich and varied programme of topics relevant to our clinical practice and management of our service. They provide an invaluable opportunity for networking and sharing best practice. We are all required to maintain our professional practice and the Education Days enable us to comply with the requirements required of us with revalidation with our professional bodies; each Education Day has been awarded 5 CPD points.
  • Opportunity to participate in Clinical Audit. Dr Sonal Mehta is the LCOHP Audit Convenor and she has a number of clinical audits planned for the coming year which your service can participate in; for organisations which are (or are working towards) SEQOHS accredited this is an invaluable benefit which will help you comply with the ‘Standards’.
  • Access to the members pages of the LCOHP website We have been doing some work to enhance the website to make it more relevant and a useful point of contact for you and your teams  We are planning on developing the Q&As pages so that members of LCOHP can connect with one another easily and share idea, ask questions or seek advice, and even if you are unable to attend the Education Days you will still have access to the programme and presentations.

This what our members think:


What our
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Excellent varied programme. Thanks.

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